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VISA Credit Card with Rewards

Current Special

Double points on Back to School purchases…

In fact, Double Points on all purchases all of July and August.

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VISA with Rewards

The Best Rate at just 13.24% APR plus REWARDS!

We’re all using our VISA cards these days more than ever before. Why not? They’re convenient and everyone accepts them. Everyone frowns at a check but most everyone smiles at a VISA payment. You’ll smile knowing you have an interest free grace period when you pay off your balance each month. You’ll smile because you’ll pay just 13.24% APR if you have a balance. And you’ll smile earning rewards with every purchase.

Best Card!

Our Utah Heritage Credit Union VISA card was designed by us for us. We use the card because it’s the best card in the area. It’s a local card for us locals! If you don’t believe us, pull out the fine print on any other VISA card and compare. You’ll smile knowing you have the best card!

The Benefits and the Rewards!

  • Local card with VISA’s worldwide acceptance.
  • 25 day payment grace period.
  • Same low rate for everyone!
  • Currently 13.24% APR! 
  • No cash advance fees.
  • No transfer fees.
  • No surprises!

PLUS Rewards! (See our ScoreCARD Reward Program below.)

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Report a Lost or Stolen VISA Card

During Business Hours:

435-436-8288 or

After Business Hours:


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Reward Yourself!

Great Merchandise and Travel Rewards with ScoreCard Rewards!

Every time you use your VISA Credit Card you’ll earn 1 score point for each qualifying net dollar you spend! At ScoreCard Rewards you can use your reward points for travel and rewards. (Even if you don’t have enough points, you can use the points you have as a down payment and just pay the difference). Since many of us are putting the majority of our purchases on a VISA Credit Card these days, the points really add up fast. You can easily put $500 or more on a credit card each month and for as little as 10,000 – 15,000 points you can get a free airfare. (Isn’t it about time for a vacation?) It’s a nice way to reward yourself!

How it Works

Create your account with Scorecards. You can then log into your reward account. Once your account is created, you can view your reward balance, search and view all available redemption options and more!

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VISA Debit Card

The Convenience of a VISA Debit Card!

A Utah Heritage Credit Union VISA Debit Card may look like a credit card, but it acts like a check! Your purchases are deducted right from your checking account and detailed on your monthly credit union statement! No fancy record keeping is required!

And this card does double duty as an ATM card! Use it to withdraw cash from your credit union checking account at thousands of ATMs worldwide! We’re members of the credit union “Coop Network,” so there is never a surcharge for ATM withdrawals at nearly 30,000 credit union ATMs nationwide.

So, when you need cash in a flash, to pay for gas, groceries, dinner, sales at the mall, or anything at all… do it the fast, easy way with your Utah Heritage VISA Debit Card!

Report a Lost or Stolen VISA Card

During Business Hours: 435-436-8288 or 888-295-UHCU(8428)

After Business Hours: 800-991-4965

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Overdraft Protection on a blue computer screen

Save Yourself a Lot of Hassle!

Protect Yourself from Overdraft Fees

There are several ways to protect yourself on those rare occasions that you run short of funds in your checking account. You can set up a line of credit or a transfer from one of your checking accounts. Protect yourself from NSF (non sufficient funds) fees by setting up “overdraft protection” today!

Opt In Today for Debit Card Protection

It’s hard to imagine living without the convenience of debit cards. They make it easier than ever to make purchases and pay bills. They may also make it more likely that you may inadvertently overdraw your account, resulting in fees and embarrassment. That’s why we offer overdraft protection on everyday debit card purchases and ATM transactions. But you must opt-in.

Why Opt In?

Utah Heritage Credit Union’s overdraft protection is designed with your protection and convenience in mind. Most people will never overdraw their account. But life doesn’t always go as planned and overdrafts do occur. Without overdraft protection, your ATM and everyday debit card transactions may be declined if you attempt to make a transaction without sufficient funds.

Save yourself additional fees and embarrassment by opting-in for Utah Heritage Credit Union’s Overdraft Protection.

Product Name Change

On June 1, 2021 the name of our “Debit Card Line of Credit” product will change to “Overdraft Protection. No applicable rates or fees have changed as the result of the name change.

How to Opt In?

  • Visit any of our four branch offices to complete & sign form
  • Call us at 435-436-8288, and we will mail you an Opt In form

Note: The opt-in rule applies only to ATM and everyday debit card transactions and does not pertain to overdraft protection services associated with written checks or recurring debit transactions, such as regularly scheduled bill payments.

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VISA Gift Cards

Make Everyone Happy…including Yourself!

There are so many occasions when giving a gift is the appropriate, nice and sometimes necessary thing to do. For those of us who hate to shop for those friends and family that are “hard to shop for,” a VISA gift card is the perfect choice.

VISA Gift Cards can be purchased at any of our branches.

VISA Gift Card ad

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